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Email Journal

These messages give an overview of my trail experience. They were emailed home every week or two to about 80 friends and family members. I sent them from public libraries and hiker hostels when public Internet access was available. The messages I received back were wonderful and sustaining.

03/30/04Dave's Appalachian Adventure
04/13/04Hi from the Appalachian Trail
04/18/04Approaching the Smokies
04/26/04Mountains of the South
05/07/04Tennessee Ramblin'
05/17/04The Road to Damascus
06/03/04Ridge Running in Virginia
06/28/04Half Way!
07/10/04Pennsylvania Rocks!
07/22/04New Jersey and New York
07/30/04Eaten alive in Massachusetts
08/05/04The Green Mountains of Vermont
08/12/04Hanover, NH
09/09/04The White Mountains of New Hampshire